10 Best practices for blogger Relations

Relationships matter in all aspects, of course including blogging.  Everyday we are visiting at least 10 to 15 blogs, but some rare blogs or blogger will attract as by means of contents, images and so on.  We want to keep good relationship with that blogger and its simple. I would like to suggest some best practices for blogger relations. Hope this practices will help you to make strong and friendly relationship with co-bloggers.
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Lets see the practices one by one:

1.   Do visit the blog which you like, regularly and post your thoughts as a valid comments. It will create good impact about you to the blog owner. Do use your original name and photo while posting comments.

2.   Do practice to share the blog link which you love on social media like facebook and twitter. They will come to know you via ping back.

3.   Do not forget to participate the contests if any will be conducted by the blog owner which is on your daily read list.

4.   Give volunteer suggestion to the blog owners regarding their blog posts, designs, traffic and so on. It will let them know how caring you are on their blogs.

5.   If you have any free coupon or limited invitation based sign up , then don't forget to recommend them, if you think that they deserve it.

6.   You should be on their friends list on all social networking sites like face book, twitter, myspace and so on. It helps you to know more personal things about them.

7.   Try to share guest blogging between your blog and the blog you love.

8.   If it is possible, try to get personal mobile numbers of the blogger you like and talk to them lively via phone. It is the great platform to express and share your thoughts on blogging.

9.   If you find a bloggers on your regional area, arrange a meet at least once in a month. It will make better relationship between bloggers.

10.  Do share your commentators emails ids, for better email marketing. It is like exchanging the visitor of both blogs by sending them a blog publishing email.

Share your Ideas: I just shared some of the ways to get good relationship with co-bloggers. You guys can share your thoughts and ways to make it good.

Newbies ! Don't Let your blog to fall down...

Some bloggers are more talented about how to write the blog, how to present the blog to loyal readers and how to promote it. Those bloggers will never let their blog traffic go down. Some bloggers, especially newbies certainly let their blogs to fall down in traffic even though they are good in  blogging.  I just want to mention some of the blogging mistakes of newbies here.

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 No Conscious on Title:

Title of the blog is more important than the body of the blog. Title can only grab the visitors to click through your links. In general, newbies are not having title conscious that, they have their own title which is not fit to the post.

Change over the Blogging Niche :

Newbies will get confused after posted some of the blogs on their niche. They will have started writing on another niche  that will definitely irritate the regular readers.

Missing images to blog:

Images on blog will add spices to it.  Newbies never mine about image. Sometimes a nice image will let our reader to stay on our blog.  Have to stop adding irrelevant images which will change the  message you wanted to convey through your blog. In this section, I just wanted to show an example blog, “ Fran Tips “ by Fran Aslam. Fran Aslam is a great writer and she is an expert author of ezine article. Till now she dint add any images to her blog. If she will add apt images to her blog, it will more pleasant to reader. ( Hope she will do after reading this )

Not having Social Relation:

Blogger should have good relation with other blogger to get better exposure to their blog. But newbies are not caring about other blogger. That is not fair one.

No response to commentators:

Generally new blogger will not respond to their blog comments. This not not fair, we should reply to comment. Because commentators have spent their precious time to post comments on our blog and our reply will make them  happy. It is one of the way to improve our relationship with other bloggers.

Knowledge of SEO:

Writing blogs alone not only provide us the traffic. Newbies have to know about the basic Search engine optimization techniques (SEO) which will help them to get traffic. Newbies have to know about basic link building techniques, Keyword research,  and  blog directories.

Over to Readers:

Here I have mentioned some of the mistakes committed by newbies. You can list out more if yo know.

My First Guest Blog ...

I am really happy to announce that my first guest blog is published on inforcarnivore Blogging portal. I would like to thank  Daniel Snyder who is the owner of Infocarnivore Blog and he is a great fan of social media and twitter addict.

You can have a look at my first gust blog “ 15 Things to check before buying Email Marketing Software or Services” . Hope I will get all your support in my blogging channel.

When and How to make effective Press Release?

Everybody is well familiar with online press releases. Press release or news release is the official statement sent to media about new product or service release of an organization. Press release is an important aspect of success of online marketing campaigns, and press release creates exposure to new product or service among online users.

When to Write a Press Release ?

Press Releases are not like a directory submission to submit our links as much as we can. It has some restriction about when to write a press release and where to submit a press release. The following are excellent reasons to write your press release.

   1. A new product or Service launch.
   2. Press Release about hiring a new employee with extensive experience in your field.
   3. Press Release about your company has been rewarded for particular effort.
   4. Your company product or services reviewed favorably by experts.
   5. Press Release about Finance reports of public companies.

Anatomy of Press Release:

Try to write your press release with in 400-500 words and be conscious not to increase more than this. If you have got your press release more than 500 words, simply remove unnecessary words from sentences and unnecessary sentence from paragraph. If you have got less than 400 words, you can add any quotes or customer testimonial which will definitely grab more visitors your online press release.

Head Line:

Head Line should be a short and informative. Do not make all letters in capital format.


Summary portion should not exceed more than three lines which include over all message of your press release.

Location and Date Line:

Most important portion of press release,which should immediately precede the body of PR.


Body is an expansion of summary lines. Provide fact and clear announcement that happened with in 400-500 words. You can add customer testimonial and quotes in it.

About you:

If you are a spokesperson of a company, you can add your name with your exact company name and product or services name.

Media Contact Information:

you should provide more clear contact information to media and public in this portion. You should provide your company's contact address, email Id, telephone numbers, Fax number, website URL. You can add your social networks details if you having Id's on Face book , twitter etc.


In closing section, you should provide Three -###- symbols or -$$$- to declare end of your press release.

Hope my blog about when and how to write press release will be helpful for Internet marketing people. Writing a press release is not a rocket science, you can write it more easily and effectively if you follow the ways i mentioned above. Press release writing services also available to get your press release more professional.

Everything should be Documented in SEO

Documentation – The word is more familiar to all. Documentation is gathering the files and papers to fit with in a folder which can be used in future regarding the clarification of particular work. I don't know how many of you having experience and facing trouble in documentation. Documentation is an important aspect in Search engine optimization.

General thought is , it is necessary to maintain the documents (whether it is XL sheet, PPT or Word document ) only for client side SEO projects. But it is important to maintain the record even for a single directory submission for your own sites or blogs. It will help you to analyze, your website or blog's way of promotion in future.

Benefits of SEO documents:

1. Success Analysis:

while documenting each and every step you taken for your website or blog promotion work, that will help you in future to analyze the success ways. Even if you got failure in your track, you can change the working methodology. It will help you to find which strategies will help you to have this much higher ranking and back links. Once you find that method, it will make your projects so simple.

2. Timely Work:

Whenever you are referring the document, that will surely remind the works that are pending to do. It may be in quantity aspect or quality aspect.  Documentation will let you to compare today's work with previous day work and you can make a plan of tomorrow's work schedule.

3. Easy to Transfer the Knowledge:

Documentation of SEO work will help you to transfer the knowledge of the work to concern person without any confusion and time delay.  Partially completed works by others can be easily finished by you if you have proper documents of that project. Especially, while you jumping from your old project to new one, you can easily transfer the old project knowledge to your trainees.

4. Success Note:

After having success in a project, which means attains particular Page rank or back links or focused keyword on first page of Google. You can write the success note for novices which let them know the ways you worked to attain the success. Documentation of the work will only help you to guide you trainees or newbies.

I have mentioned some of the benefits of documentation of SEO work, so guys don't be sluggish to do documentation work even you are doing work for your own site. So spend a little time to document the works that have been done. Documentation will definitely help you to find the success formula. 
Readers can discuss : Have you ever realized the benefits of documentation?

Paying for Backlinks, Generally a Bad Idea and Waste of Money

As one who has learned all my SEO techniques on my own, I've had to do my own research and experience my own learning curve when it comes to backlinks I'm determined to share my own opinion on paying for backlinks, I realize SEO is a ultra-complex topic with so many experts, and that there will likely be many who have their own differing opinion on this topic; I welcome your feedback.

Backlinks are one of the keys to a websites success in search engines as the number of backlinks can be indicators of the popularity or importance of a website (they are not the only indicator.)  There is not a day that goes by where I don't see advertising for 'backlinks for sale.' There are those that would assure us that buying backlinks is a sure fire way to get your website to the front page in search engines.  I'm fairly certain however that in many cases those assuring us of this are the same people selling us the backlinks.  In my research buying backlinks is a risky business in which you are almost always throwing your money away.  When I say this, I do say it with a reservation realizing that there are always exceptions. Also recognize that I'm primarily referring to services that sell mass amounts of backlinks, guaranteeing 'thousands instantly'.

There would be two primary motivators for purchasing backlinks, 1. search engine placement, and 2. drive traffic to your site. If you were to decide to pay for backlinks you need to realize the bottom line needs to be increased traffic to your site, what I mean is that you need to be assured you are paying for a link that will generate traffic - that is what you are paying for, not the link.  Since paid backlinks 'en masse' at least the ones that advertise the will get you thousands of backlinks instantly, are very likely garbage links (low quality links on pages that do not rank well) that will generate no traffic, you can be assured you are wasting your money.  You can also be fairly certain that these links will be placed on link farms and other such sites which will not accomplish much of anything in your search rankings.  There has been much discussion over the quality of a backlink and it has been stated directly by Sergey Brin and Larry Page that "PageRank... [does] not count links from all pages equally, and by normalizing by the number of links on a page."  What Brin and Page are clarifying for us is 1. not all links have the same value for search engines and 2. pages that are nothing but link farms or have low PageRank's are noticed and backlinks on those pages are very ineffective.  What's more, how many humans do you know that spend time looking at link farms?

In addition you can bet there is a time limit on your purchase, and that the link(s) will eventually disappear... once it's gone anything that was accomplished for traffic or search engines will be undone, and you will fall off the map... unless you pay again.

Many website owners successfully optimize for SEO and build fantastic traffic in their niche without ever paying for a single backlink.  What's more with the social web word of mouth, and social networking can effectively build you quality backlinks as well.  It may take a bit more work and time, but you can be certain the individuals you are connecting with are human, and that their loyalty goes deeper than that of a backlink machine.

Here's an interesting article I read recently titled, Does Backlink Quality Matter.  It's worth a read. What are your thoughts on purchasing backlinks, or your experiences?  How do you think the companies that guarantee results and money back are able to do this?  I'd love to hear from you.

Author Profile:

Daniel Snyder was raised just outside of Vancouver, British Columbia. I am a huge fan of social media and a total twitter addict. Completely intrigued by all things security related, I seem to be exploring my potential by blogging. One of my goals is to inform & educate on the importance of proper computer security.  You can follow me @danielsnyder1 on twitter or visit infocarnivore.com

Why I hate Directory Submission ?

Once upon a time Directory submission is an effective way for link building. I have faced many kind of problems with directory submission while submit my sites. Probably it may be a mistake of the directory moderator or owner which is really sucks our link building work. More over, submitting same title, description and keywords on 100 directories wont help us. It would be considered as a spam by Search engine.

Whilst, i am trying to post my web URL on directories , i found some mistakes on directories. I wanted to let you all know the some common mistakes occur on directory submission. 

Worst Captcha Image:

Some directory has the worst captcha image and no one can really type the image. Captcha is a simple concept to avoid automated submission and to check whether the user is human or not. There is no need to place this kind of captcha image on directory submission which really makes users skip from directory.

Captcha Text box Length:

It is an another irritating error on directories that captcha image have 5 characters but the text box where we type the image have only 4 character maximum length. Even we type that first four characters and submit the form, it displays, “The Entered Captcha is Incorrect”. Trying to submit our sit e on this kind of directories is like finding dissolved salt on water.

Already Exist Mistakes:

Generally, we are only doing directory submission for our site and we know exactly which directories we have submitted already. Some directories which display message like this when you are new to that directory “ URL already exist in our directory” which is really humbug. We tried to look our listing on that directory after seeing this error message, but definitely there will be no link of our site. It is an error commonly displays for all submission.

Mistake on Reciprocal link:

Every directory submission form having the special cell for reciprocal linking. We need not to use it compulsory and it wont be in mandatory field excluding some directories. We select free submission button and fill out all the details of our site and click the submit button, but the error displays “ Need Reciprocal URL for submission”. If they really need reciprocal linking, they should specify it on beginning of the form.

No confirmation Mail:

All the directory submission forms collects our email id while submitting our site. But some rare directories only sent confirmation links and approval intimation to our mail. We submit our site on more than 100 directories and we cant check our links submission status on every directory on each day. So the directory owner has to make proper arrangements to let users know about their site status on directory.

Message to Directory owners :

If you are really capable person to run directory in proper way, you do it. Or else kindly appoint a moderator to run your directories properly without any mistakes. Once people find this kind of mistakes in you directory, they definitely wont come back to your site. Please do check you directory status, functions and navigation often.

Time for comment:

These are some things which i found while submitting my sites on directories. It is time for you guys, can comment me if you find any mistakes on directory submission or thing makes you irritating about directory submission.

Wordweb Tool for Vocabulary Rich Blogging.

We all know the slogan “ Content is king” for both blogs and websites. With out any promotional work, content itself can provide you more traffic. Some people are genius in writing content for blogs and websites, because they have excellent vocabulary power. This blog will not help for those who have well versed vocabulary power. Definitely helpful for some weak people who struggling to use proper vocabulary in their blogs.

I don't know, how many of you having tools to check vocabulary. Some may waiting to get tools for spell check, meaning finder, nearest meaning finder, antonyms finder. I wants to refer the tool “ WORDWEB” which i am using since i started my blogging. Word web is absolutely free tool which has smaller windows with great power.

The above image shows the screen shot of the tool. You can see the top menu containing bookmark, copy, options and help. Book mark option will let you make some important book marks. You can copy the word by clicking copy option of the menu. Help menu is there to help for users in many ways.

How it Word web tool works?

  • You can simply type the word in look up text box shown in image and click the search option. With in the fraction of seconds , you can get meaning of the word. Word meaning will be more or less in the dictionary format

  • Word web also displays the word type which you search for, like whether the word is adjective, noun, adverb or verbs. It will help us to make right sentence and grammar error free articles.

  • Bottom menu having four more options which are “Nearest, Antonyms, See also, Similar”. These options will help user to find nearest meaning of search word, antonyms of the word and more similar word to the search word. It will help us to stop using the same word again and again in blogs. We can use the similar words using word web.

  • The special features of word web tool is audio sound, if you have audio system enabled in your system , you can get the audio which let you know how the word should be pronounced.

Iphone users can get word web application for their iphone. Dont need to hold a large size or pocket size dictionary. Just have iphone wordweb app on your iphone. Get download your app on apple store.

This free tool is available on wordweb.info portal. Finally the draw back of the tool is that it will be applicable only for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7. Other OS users cant get it now. Hope my tool suggestion will help you for you to make vocabulary rich blogs.

Have you tried Forums for your business promotion?

Forums are major resource to build quality links. Most of the people using forums only for building back links. We can also use forums for business promotion. Especially here i am going to talk about the most two popular forums. Yes, Digital point forums and V7N forums. To become a member in these forums are not that much difficult. By filling simple registration form will let us be a member of a forum.

Signature, The most important concept of the forum. The users can place their links on signature link field. There fore, links will display each and every thread of the member. Unfortunately, Forum will not let new users to use this facility. They have to make 50 valuable post on the forums to build their signature links. It is the type of forum policy to avoid spammers.

These signature links are considered as a back links to a site. Rather than back links generation, one can use forums for business promotions, especially for e-commerce and Affiliate program. E-commerce and Affiliate Programs are two major categories of a forum. If you have quality e-commerce product or want to invite affiliates for your affiliate program, then forums are right place to you.

I found some questions on e-commerce and Affiliate program categories of digital point forums which listed below.

  • What E-commerce cart should i use ?
  • What is the best shopping cart ?
  • I need shopping cart like amazon?
  • What is the good affiliate program for Email Marketing?
  • What are the best web hosting affiliate programs?
  • Suggest some high referral commission affiliate program?

I just shocked, each of this threads having nearly 300 views and 50 replies. If you really having quality e-commerce product or affiliate programs then why let it go without your reply. Make use of these categories, keep watching often and post reply with proper description of your products and affiliate program. It will bring you more business.

More over, if anyone searches these question in Google, the digital point thread will be shows in Search results of the search engine. So participating in forums will give you business via forum thread as well as Google SERP too. Don't let your customers will have been stolen by others who are active in forums. So be an active members in all forums especially in the niche which your business belonging to.

Basic Blogging Tips for Beginners

Blogging is an art and now it is commercial platform too. Blogging may be a passion for some people and some writes blogs to earn money online. So blog may be a commercial or non-commercial. Whatever may be, now a days people are getting more interest to read blogs and of course to write blogs. Because they no need to spend money to write blogs. There are plenty of free blogging portals available like blogger and wordpress.

Before get into blogging, one should decide the niche of the blogging. Blog will be good, if and only if we select our interesting and well known niche. So that people who are all interested in that niche will come to your blog again and again to watch your updates. Generally readers wants to know about the author. So write about you on your blog's ABOUT ME or PROFILE section. It makes good understanding and relation between your readers on you.

Title is another important thing for blogging, Dont put irrelevant titles for your blogs. It will definitely let your readers skip from your blogs also dont make your blog title so long. Fix it up in particular length which suits for your designs and template. My suggestion is that dont let your title go on second line. The next important thing is keyword. You should write Keyword rich blogs to get readers from Google Organic search. You can use Google Adwords Tools to get relevant keywords to your blog which is a good and free tool offering by Google.

Try to add inner links of your older blog with your new blog. So that reader will get interest to read you old blog too. Mind one thing, dont link with irrelevant blogs. It makes readers irritates on your blogs. The common mistake that all beginners will do, is copying content from some other blog which is really so bad. You can promote your blog easily only if you write your own and quality blogs. Readers likes to read original content and not copy pasted content.

After writing your blog, Please keep check your contents for spelling mistakes which every beginners forget to do. You can use free online spell check forms to check your spelling. If you not provide quality blog, readers will not supposed to be your subscribers. Publish your blog on blogging portal by adding more relevant keywords on tags section. After publishes your blogs keep building some quality links for your blogs also tweet your blog link on twitter to get traffic.

Hope, This blog will hepful for beginners of blogging to know more about basics of blogs and blog writing. Happy Blogging !!

Why Yahoo Answers !!! Try Mahalo Answers !!!

Back links ! Back links ! Back links ! SEO people know the meaning and importance of back links in a website promotion and they are always trying to get quality back links in many ways. Back links are the traffic source and they can provide you business if you get the right one.

Yahoo answers is one of the medium of SEO people to get back links. Yes, yahoo back links are high quality one. In yahoo answers, newbies need to face a lot of difficulties in posting links. Yahoo answers having more rules and regulations to post a link to a question. So that It is not that much easy to get back links from yahoo answers. Yahoo answer member should attain high grade to post live link on their answers.

Live links only can give us the direct click to us. This problem will occur while posting even a necessary relevant link to a question in starting stage. So with out getting certain level in yahoo answers, it is much difficult to live links. I found, new solution for SEO newbies. Yes, It is brand new, MAHALO Answers.

Mahalo Answers with Live Back Links:

Mahalo Answers services is similar to yahoo answers and it allows people to ask question regarding variety of subjects. It includes Internet, Technology, Health, Food, Travel, Music, Business, Consumers Electronics, Sports, Video, Shopping, Education, Local, Drink, Culture, History, Society, News, Mathematics and Entertainment. Mahalo allows user to add new topic into the list.

While answering the question, Mahalo shows two text boxes which are “your answer” , “ your resource”. You can type your answer on your answer box and place live link related to subject on your resource box. The significant thing in this mahalo is even new member can place live link on that resource box which one cant do with yahoo answers.

Your answer will get into “BEST ANSWER” section, if somebody votes to your answer. Best answers will be purely decided by number of member votes to your answers. In business or product oriented suggestion question, Mahalo will let you to place your product highlights and live link on answer section.


Totally, Mahalo is a great gift for us on Internet, especially Internet marketing people and online gurus. The important thing is that we need to follow Mahalo site rules and regulation, Mahalo is the place for knowledge sharing. Do not spam by posting your links on irrelevant questions. Hope this article will helps you a lot in future. Happy Mahalo !!!

Article Marketing For Your Business Promotion

As online marketing is getting tougher day by day, we need to pull crowd to our business by doing some effective strategies. People always have the attraction on content which means articles. The right business articles have the capacity to bring you the right customers and business. Here in this blog, I gonna let you know about article marketing and how important it is to your online marketing.

What is article marketing?

Article marketing is an art of writing attractive and effective contents about your business which can the capability of grabbing customers into your business or services. There are ample of free article directories available on net to publish your article. Some article directories approve your article immediately and some take a time to approve. Every article directory having the resource box option. Resource box is nothing but a simple text box where you can place your business or site links. Some article directory let you to place the links on body of the content. If your article content is attractive and good one, automatically readers will click the link on resource box and will come to know about your services or products.

Worry about Writing Articles ?

I can able to hear your question now, that I am not having literary knowledge to write article. Then how can I write such a business articles for my product promotion. People will not expect your articles to be on literary range. They just wanna know about your services/product and quality. You can write in a simple language. If you find difficulty in it, you can find some professional content writers to do writing job. There are plenty of free lancer sites available online where you can find content service providers in affordable price. Getfreelancer, ifreelance, Contentwriter are some of the free lancing websites where you can find content writers.

Where can I post my articles?

Selecting right article directory is more important than writing quality articles. Yes, quality article directories only can spread your business to right people. I would like to suggest you to post your articles on Ezine articles, the most popular traffic driving article directory. But normally Ezine will not approve promotional content, so that you need to write general article in your desire niche. Then you can place your link on your resource box. Other than you can post your articles on Articlesbase, Articlesnatch, ArticleRich, ArticleDashboard, Goarticles. Here I have mentioned some of the best articles. These articles can provide more traffic to your sites and help your online business.


Hope, you understand the value and important role of article marketing for online business. Write quality article about your business and services and submit it to article directories to get more customers. Get more success with Articles.

Script Directory - Script Directory Listing

Script Directory is the place where people can share their scripts and can download free scripts. There are many free online script directory available on net, here and there. Script directories have been mostly utilized by technical peoples like programmers, coders & testers. More over SEO guys also use it , to promote & marketing the newly generated scripts.

Yeah . Script directory is the right place to promote your scripts. I have collected some script directory list which is active and free of cost. Hope it would be helpful to needy people. Please make use of it, and comment me if you find anything missed in list.

List of Script Directories:

  1. http://www.scriptsdesk.com

  2. http://www.freephpdirectory.com/

  3. http://www.slashscripts.com

  4. http://www.phpscriptsearch.com

  5. http://www.jainsachin.com/scripts

  6. http://script.wareseeker.com

  7. http://www.hot-php-scripts.com

  8. http://www.completelyfreesoftware.com

  9. http://www.fileplaza.com

  10. http://scriptdex.com

  11. http://www.scriptsez.com

  12. http://php.resourceindex.com

  13. http://www.scriptaty.net

  14. http://www.devscripts.com

  15. http://www.codango.com

  16. http://www.webresourceindex.com

  17. http://www.rocketdownload.com/scripts/

  18. http://www.phpyp.com

  19. http://applyscript.com/

  20. http://www.scriptsbible.com/Link

  21. http://www.search-scripts.com/

  22. http://www.addscript.com/

  23. http://www.digscript.com

  24. http://www.scripts-directory.net/

  25. http://scriptcopy.com/

  26. http://cgi.resourceindex.com/

  27. http://bigresource.com/

  28. http://www.ScriptsFinder.com

  29. http://www.chipmunk-scripts.com/

  30. http://topscripts.org Link

Hope this list will helpful to you guys. Make use of it and share this list with your friends.

Google Stops Censoring in China | China lost Google Services

The long war between Google and China comes to end today, by stopping Google search services on China. Today is a really bad day for Chinese people and their government. Google, The famous search engine stopped censoring search results on www.google.cn and now the domain will be redirected to www.google.co.hk

If you are trying to visit china domain of Google, it will simply redirected to honk-kong domain. So no one can get search web or image results from .cn Google domain. Before some days, Google had the issue that it was not obeying Chinese laws and government and Chinese government says, that Google would face consequence for this if it had been continued.

Due to Google decision, the online business and Internet marketing will going to face lose drastically. Definitely Google act on china will gonna make plenty of negative changes on online marketing. But Chinese Embassy on Washington, officials said Google's decisions would not change the market or financial status of china.

The true reason of give up the Google china domain is, that Google cant able to get work with freedom on China due to China's Law. What ever may be, Definitely, it will gonna be a great lose for china and the people who often get into Google.cn

I like IBIBO

Social networking sites makes more impact even on people who have no knowledge about Internet and websites. People would like to have ids on all social networking sites to keep in contact with different regional friends and of course it helps them to learn different culture. Generally, we want to create user id for all the social networking sites. Creating Ids are not enough and we need to update our status and should utilize all the facilities which is being provided by those sites.

Here, In this blog I gonna write about the social networking site which I admired a lot. IBIBO is the site that provides me a lot of friends and mentors. I just want to write some significant features of ibibo which pulls me to create id and keep in touch with it.

IBIBO is the social networking site especially created for Indians with the slogan of “I BUILD - I BOND” . IBIBO providing more offers to their members like free sms sending to their friends, free mobile calling and so on. Also, They are conducting some competition for the members like IBIBO Fresh Face, Best Beach Body, Best Singer, Best Actor, Best Dancers, Best Models and so on. Online polling will decides the winner of those competition and members only can poll their votes for the participants.

Like our politicians, participants will ask for votes from their network friends and friend's friends. After some time period, the votes will be counted and the site moderator will announce the winner depends on their votes. Winners will get prizes from sponsors and the boys who won i-Hunk contest got chance to act an ads film. IBIBO has changed their life by providing these type of career opportunities.

I have been member of ibibo since it has been started. I have been watching each and every growth of this site and which is really healthy one. I have learned from ibibo that social networking sites are really healthy one, it build unbroken bonds between different culture people.