10 Best practices for blogger Relations

Relationships matter in all aspects, of course including blogging.  Everyday we are visiting at least 10 to 15 blogs, but some rare blogs or blogger will attract as by means of contents, images and so on.  We want to keep good relationship with that blogger and its simple. I would like to suggest some best practices for blogger relations. Hope this practices will help you to make strong and friendly relationship with co-bloggers.
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Lets see the practices one by one:

1.   Do visit the blog which you like, regularly and post your thoughts as a valid comments. It will create good impact about you to the blog owner. Do use your original name and photo while posting comments.

2.   Do practice to share the blog link which you love on social media like facebook and twitter. They will come to know you via ping back.

3.   Do not forget to participate the contests if any will be conducted by the blog owner which is on your daily read list.

4.   Give volunteer suggestion to the blog owners regarding their blog posts, designs, traffic and so on. It will let them know how caring you are on their blogs.

5.   If you have any free coupon or limited invitation based sign up , then don't forget to recommend them, if you think that they deserve it.

6.   You should be on their friends list on all social networking sites like face book, twitter, myspace and so on. It helps you to know more personal things about them.

7.   Try to share guest blogging between your blog and the blog you love.

8.   If it is possible, try to get personal mobile numbers of the blogger you like and talk to them lively via phone. It is the great platform to express and share your thoughts on blogging.

9.   If you find a bloggers on your regional area, arrange a meet at least once in a month. It will make better relationship between bloggers.

10.  Do share your commentators emails ids, for better email marketing. It is like exchanging the visitor of both blogs by sending them a blog publishing email.

Share your Ideas: I just shared some of the ways to get good relationship with co-bloggers. You guys can share your thoughts and ways to make it good.

Newbies ! Don't Let your blog to fall down...

Some bloggers are more talented about how to write the blog, how to present the blog to loyal readers and how to promote it. Those bloggers will never let their blog traffic go down. Some bloggers, especially newbies certainly let their blogs to fall down in traffic even though they are good in  blogging.  I just want to mention some of the blogging mistakes of newbies here.

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 No Conscious on Title:

Title of the blog is more important than the body of the blog. Title can only grab the visitors to click through your links. In general, newbies are not having title conscious that, they have their own title which is not fit to the post.

Change over the Blogging Niche :

Newbies will get confused after posted some of the blogs on their niche. They will have started writing on another niche  that will definitely irritate the regular readers.

Missing images to blog:

Images on blog will add spices to it.  Newbies never mine about image. Sometimes a nice image will let our reader to stay on our blog.  Have to stop adding irrelevant images which will change the  message you wanted to convey through your blog. In this section, I just wanted to show an example blog, “ Fran Tips “ by Fran Aslam. Fran Aslam is a great writer and she is an expert author of ezine article. Till now she dint add any images to her blog. If she will add apt images to her blog, it will more pleasant to reader. ( Hope she will do after reading this )

Not having Social Relation:

Blogger should have good relation with other blogger to get better exposure to their blog. But newbies are not caring about other blogger. That is not fair one.

No response to commentators:

Generally new blogger will not respond to their blog comments. This not not fair, we should reply to comment. Because commentators have spent their precious time to post comments on our blog and our reply will make them  happy. It is one of the way to improve our relationship with other bloggers.

Knowledge of SEO:

Writing blogs alone not only provide us the traffic. Newbies have to know about the basic Search engine optimization techniques (SEO) which will help them to get traffic. Newbies have to know about basic link building techniques, Keyword research,  and  blog directories.

Over to Readers:

Here I have mentioned some of the mistakes committed by newbies. You can list out more if yo know.

My First Guest Blog ...

I am really happy to announce that my first guest blog is published on inforcarnivore Blogging portal. I would like to thank  Daniel Snyder who is the owner of Infocarnivore Blog and he is a great fan of social media and twitter addict.

You can have a look at my first gust blog “ 15 Things to check before buying Email Marketing Software or Services” . Hope I will get all your support in my blogging channel.

When and How to make effective Press Release?

Everybody is well familiar with online press releases. Press release or news release is the official statement sent to media about new product or service release of an organization. Press release is an important aspect of success of online marketing campaigns, and press release creates exposure to new product or service among online users.

When to Write a Press Release ?

Press Releases are not like a directory submission to submit our links as much as we can. It has some restriction about when to write a press release and where to submit a press release. The following are excellent reasons to write your press release.

   1. A new product or Service launch.
   2. Press Release about hiring a new employee with extensive experience in your field.
   3. Press Release about your company has been rewarded for particular effort.
   4. Your company product or services reviewed favorably by experts.
   5. Press Release about Finance reports of public companies.

Anatomy of Press Release:

Try to write your press release with in 400-500 words and be conscious not to increase more than this. If you have got your press release more than 500 words, simply remove unnecessary words from sentences and unnecessary sentence from paragraph. If you have got less than 400 words, you can add any quotes or customer testimonial which will definitely grab more visitors your online press release.

Head Line:

Head Line should be a short and informative. Do not make all letters in capital format.


Summary portion should not exceed more than three lines which include over all message of your press release.

Location and Date Line:

Most important portion of press release,which should immediately precede the body of PR.


Body is an expansion of summary lines. Provide fact and clear announcement that happened with in 400-500 words. You can add customer testimonial and quotes in it.

About you:

If you are a spokesperson of a company, you can add your name with your exact company name and product or services name.

Media Contact Information:

you should provide more clear contact information to media and public in this portion. You should provide your company's contact address, email Id, telephone numbers, Fax number, website URL. You can add your social networks details if you having Id's on Face book , twitter etc.


In closing section, you should provide Three -###- symbols or -$$$- to declare end of your press release.

Hope my blog about when and how to write press release will be helpful for Internet marketing people. Writing a press release is not a rocket science, you can write it more easily and effectively if you follow the ways i mentioned above. Press release writing services also available to get your press release more professional.

Everything should be Documented in SEO

Documentation – The word is more familiar to all. Documentation is gathering the files and papers to fit with in a folder which can be used in future regarding the clarification of particular work. I don't know how many of you having experience and facing trouble in documentation. Documentation is an important aspect in Search engine optimization.

General thought is , it is necessary to maintain the documents (whether it is XL sheet, PPT or Word document ) only for client side SEO projects. But it is important to maintain the record even for a single directory submission for your own sites or blogs. It will help you to analyze, your website or blog's way of promotion in future.

Benefits of SEO documents:

1. Success Analysis:

while documenting each and every step you taken for your website or blog promotion work, that will help you in future to analyze the success ways. Even if you got failure in your track, you can change the working methodology. It will help you to find which strategies will help you to have this much higher ranking and back links. Once you find that method, it will make your projects so simple.

2. Timely Work:

Whenever you are referring the document, that will surely remind the works that are pending to do. It may be in quantity aspect or quality aspect.  Documentation will let you to compare today's work with previous day work and you can make a plan of tomorrow's work schedule.

3. Easy to Transfer the Knowledge:

Documentation of SEO work will help you to transfer the knowledge of the work to concern person without any confusion and time delay.  Partially completed works by others can be easily finished by you if you have proper documents of that project. Especially, while you jumping from your old project to new one, you can easily transfer the old project knowledge to your trainees.

4. Success Note:

After having success in a project, which means attains particular Page rank or back links or focused keyword on first page of Google. You can write the success note for novices which let them know the ways you worked to attain the success. Documentation of the work will only help you to guide you trainees or newbies.

I have mentioned some of the benefits of documentation of SEO work, so guys don't be sluggish to do documentation work even you are doing work for your own site. So spend a little time to document the works that have been done. Documentation will definitely help you to find the success formula. 
Readers can discuss : Have you ever realized the benefits of documentation?