Why I hate Directory Submission ?

Once upon a time Directory submission is an effective way for link building. I have faced many kind of problems with directory submission while submit my sites. Probably it may be a mistake of the directory moderator or owner which is really sucks our link building work. More over, submitting same title, description and keywords on 100 directories wont help us. It would be considered as a spam by Search engine.

Whilst, i am trying to post my web URL on directories , i found some mistakes on directories. I wanted to let you all know the some common mistakes occur on directory submission. 

Worst Captcha Image:

Some directory has the worst captcha image and no one can really type the image. Captcha is a simple concept to avoid automated submission and to check whether the user is human or not. There is no need to place this kind of captcha image on directory submission which really makes users skip from directory.

Captcha Text box Length:

It is an another irritating error on directories that captcha image have 5 characters but the text box where we type the image have only 4 character maximum length. Even we type that first four characters and submit the form, it displays, “The Entered Captcha is Incorrect”. Trying to submit our sit e on this kind of directories is like finding dissolved salt on water.

Already Exist Mistakes:

Generally, we are only doing directory submission for our site and we know exactly which directories we have submitted already. Some directories which display message like this when you are new to that directory “ URL already exist in our directory” which is really humbug. We tried to look our listing on that directory after seeing this error message, but definitely there will be no link of our site. It is an error commonly displays for all submission.

Mistake on Reciprocal link:

Every directory submission form having the special cell for reciprocal linking. We need not to use it compulsory and it wont be in mandatory field excluding some directories. We select free submission button and fill out all the details of our site and click the submit button, but the error displays “ Need Reciprocal URL for submission”. If they really need reciprocal linking, they should specify it on beginning of the form.

No confirmation Mail:

All the directory submission forms collects our email id while submitting our site. But some rare directories only sent confirmation links and approval intimation to our mail. We submit our site on more than 100 directories and we cant check our links submission status on every directory on each day. So the directory owner has to make proper arrangements to let users know about their site status on directory.

Message to Directory owners :

If you are really capable person to run directory in proper way, you do it. Or else kindly appoint a moderator to run your directories properly without any mistakes. Once people find this kind of mistakes in you directory, they definitely wont come back to your site. Please do check you directory status, functions and navigation often.

Time for comment:

These are some things which i found while submitting my sites on directories. It is time for you guys, can comment me if you find any mistakes on directory submission or thing makes you irritating about directory submission.