Wordweb Tool for Vocabulary Rich Blogging.

We all know the slogan “ Content is king” for both blogs and websites. With out any promotional work, content itself can provide you more traffic. Some people are genius in writing content for blogs and websites, because they have excellent vocabulary power. This blog will not help for those who have well versed vocabulary power. Definitely helpful for some weak people who struggling to use proper vocabulary in their blogs.

I don't know, how many of you having tools to check vocabulary. Some may waiting to get tools for spell check, meaning finder, nearest meaning finder, antonyms finder. I wants to refer the tool “ WORDWEB” which i am using since i started my blogging. Word web is absolutely free tool which has smaller windows with great power.

The above image shows the screen shot of the tool. You can see the top menu containing bookmark, copy, options and help. Book mark option will let you make some important book marks. You can copy the word by clicking copy option of the menu. Help menu is there to help for users in many ways.

How it Word web tool works?

  • You can simply type the word in look up text box shown in image and click the search option. With in the fraction of seconds , you can get meaning of the word. Word meaning will be more or less in the dictionary format

  • Word web also displays the word type which you search for, like whether the word is adjective, noun, adverb or verbs. It will help us to make right sentence and grammar error free articles.

  • Bottom menu having four more options which are “Nearest, Antonyms, See also, Similar”. These options will help user to find nearest meaning of search word, antonyms of the word and more similar word to the search word. It will help us to stop using the same word again and again in blogs. We can use the similar words using word web.

  • The special features of word web tool is audio sound, if you have audio system enabled in your system , you can get the audio which let you know how the word should be pronounced.

Iphone users can get word web application for their iphone. Dont need to hold a large size or pocket size dictionary. Just have iphone wordweb app on your iphone. Get download your app on apple store.

This free tool is available on wordweb.info portal. Finally the draw back of the tool is that it will be applicable only for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7. Other OS users cant get it now. Hope my tool suggestion will help you for you to make vocabulary rich blogs.