Basic Blogging Tips for Beginners

Blogging is an art and now it is commercial platform too. Blogging may be a passion for some people and some writes blogs to earn money online. So blog may be a commercial or non-commercial. Whatever may be, now a days people are getting more interest to read blogs and of course to write blogs. Because they no need to spend money to write blogs. There are plenty of free blogging portals available like blogger and wordpress.

Before get into blogging, one should decide the niche of the blogging. Blog will be good, if and only if we select our interesting and well known niche. So that people who are all interested in that niche will come to your blog again and again to watch your updates. Generally readers wants to know about the author. So write about you on your blog's ABOUT ME or PROFILE section. It makes good understanding and relation between your readers on you.

Title is another important thing for blogging, Dont put irrelevant titles for your blogs. It will definitely let your readers skip from your blogs also dont make your blog title so long. Fix it up in particular length which suits for your designs and template. My suggestion is that dont let your title go on second line. The next important thing is keyword. You should write Keyword rich blogs to get readers from Google Organic search. You can use Google Adwords Tools to get relevant keywords to your blog which is a good and free tool offering by Google.

Try to add inner links of your older blog with your new blog. So that reader will get interest to read you old blog too. Mind one thing, dont link with irrelevant blogs. It makes readers irritates on your blogs. The common mistake that all beginners will do, is copying content from some other blog which is really so bad. You can promote your blog easily only if you write your own and quality blogs. Readers likes to read original content and not copy pasted content.

After writing your blog, Please keep check your contents for spelling mistakes which every beginners forget to do. You can use free online spell check forms to check your spelling. If you not provide quality blog, readers will not supposed to be your subscribers. Publish your blog on blogging portal by adding more relevant keywords on tags section. After publishes your blogs keep building some quality links for your blogs also tweet your blog link on twitter to get traffic.

Hope, This blog will hepful for beginners of blogging to know more about basics of blogs and blog writing. Happy Blogging !!


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