Why Yahoo Answers !!! Try Mahalo Answers !!!

Back links ! Back links ! Back links ! SEO people know the meaning and importance of back links in a website promotion and they are always trying to get quality back links in many ways. Back links are the traffic source and they can provide you business if you get the right one.

Yahoo answers is one of the medium of SEO people to get back links. Yes, yahoo back links are high quality one. In yahoo answers, newbies need to face a lot of difficulties in posting links. Yahoo answers having more rules and regulations to post a link to a question. So that It is not that much easy to get back links from yahoo answers. Yahoo answer member should attain high grade to post live link on their answers.

Live links only can give us the direct click to us. This problem will occur while posting even a necessary relevant link to a question in starting stage. So with out getting certain level in yahoo answers, it is much difficult to live links. I found, new solution for SEO newbies. Yes, It is brand new, MAHALO Answers.

Mahalo Answers with Live Back Links:

Mahalo Answers services is similar to yahoo answers and it allows people to ask question regarding variety of subjects. It includes Internet, Technology, Health, Food, Travel, Music, Business, Consumers Electronics, Sports, Video, Shopping, Education, Local, Drink, Culture, History, Society, News, Mathematics and Entertainment. Mahalo allows user to add new topic into the list.

While answering the question, Mahalo shows two text boxes which are “your answer” , “ your resource”. You can type your answer on your answer box and place live link related to subject on your resource box. The significant thing in this mahalo is even new member can place live link on that resource box which one cant do with yahoo answers.

Your answer will get into “BEST ANSWER” section, if somebody votes to your answer. Best answers will be purely decided by number of member votes to your answers. In business or product oriented suggestion question, Mahalo will let you to place your product highlights and live link on answer section.


Totally, Mahalo is a great gift for us on Internet, especially Internet marketing people and online gurus. The important thing is that we need to follow Mahalo site rules and regulation, Mahalo is the place for knowledge sharing. Do not spam by posting your links on irrelevant questions. Hope this article will helps you a lot in future. Happy Mahalo !!!


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