Relevant and Quality Back links

If you are in SEO industry, you would have already known about the term Back Link. New comers to SEO industry should know about back links and its importance. Back link is the link which sends the user to your site from other site. It is also know as Inbound Link. Back links are much important for the search engine, while fixing page rank for the site.

I merely want to tell 3 important aspects of creating back links to your site. They are quality of the sites, relevancy of the site and anchor text. Quality site back links will be consider easily by the search engines rather than other low PR site. So always prefer high page rank sites to link with your site.

Relevancy of the site is another important aspect which can give higher back link quality to your site. Do create back link with the sites having content related to your site. Creating your car site back link on Automobiles site get higher relevancy than creating back link with the site for orphanage. More relevant back links will definitely helps you to get higher Page Rank.

Another vital aspect is anchor text. Your anchor text for the back links should be a keyword of your site, So that search engines can easily crawl your keywords with your back links. Making images as an anchor text is not that much effective than text anchors. Do not use anchor text which is utterly different to the link back to the text. That may lead you to go back on page rank.

While using directories for back link purpose, always do prefer higher PR sites to link with. Because they can only able to provide quality back link to you site. Posting bundles of links on lower PR directories will be consider as a link spamming by search engine.

Reciprocal link is an exceptional link building aspect that one should careful about it. Reciprocal link will definitely increase your link popularity, but it completely depends on the site which you are going to be linked with. Trust worthy sites can provides quality reciprocal link service for your site. Be sure about site quality before you get link from those sites.

Some automatically generated web pages provide back link to your site which is known as link farm. Be aware of link farm because linking to this pages could get your site banned completely. Link farm pages may contain hidden text itself, which reflects black hat SEO.

Creating quality back links are much important for search engine optimization, and to get higher page rank for your site. I hope you have a better knowledge of why you need quality back links to your site, and how to get higher rank via inbound links. Good luck for your SEO career.


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