10 SEO Tips - Make use of it

Hi guys ! Here is the most important 10 tips for SEO (search engine optimization). It will helpful to you to get your site top on SERP.

  1. While doing on page optimization, Insert your important keywords in the title of the page.

  2. You need to bold your keywords on your contents. Do not bold all the words. It would be helpful to the users.

  3. Navigated links should go relevant landing page or stories.

  4. Most of the search engines takes meta tags into consideration, and some of them not. So use them if you want.

  5. Do use proper anchor text while linking to your site and it will be better if your anchor texts are your keywords.

  6. Conscious on proper hierarchy structure for your website.

  7. Get relevant back link to your site. Do not link to website that is not similar to your website in anyway.

  8. Main page of the site should be linking to important pages that you want to rank on search engines.

  9. Updating older pages may sometimes help those pages maintain ranks on search engines.

  10. Do not be a spammer in anyway.


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