Don't Get Banned !!!

Comment posting is one of the important factor to get back links. Increasing Number of auto comments software will lead us to face panelization of our site and banned by google. Do comment like a human.

Irrelevant comment to the blog really made the author frustrated and our comments use for nothing. Before commenting into a blog, do little research that this blog relevant to our site and does our site eligible to link with this blog and all. Because only relevant comments gets moderator approval after moderation period and get back link.

WP-Ban is one of the best tool that has been used by blog creators now a days to find spam comments easily. They can find your different comments posted for a same blog from identical Ips. In spite of spam commenting, most of the blog are becoming no follow. (No follow= link not considered as a back link)

My better suggestion is comment like a human and don't use any comment posting software for posting comments to blog. Because once it will be detected by moderator of the blog, you wont get you link placed on that blog. You must include valuable information with your comments. Rather than moderator, other commentators also view your comments. For them your comment must be useful.

Generally this type of spammer attacks most of SEO, Real Estate, Health blogs and they always targets on dofollow blogs.(Do follow= link considered as a back link). There are some popular plug ins are available to avoid spammers and flush them out like Akismet plugin.

Don't spam by commenting the blog, and do comment your related niches with quality contents. It will good for both blog owner and for us too.


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