Easy way to get approval on Free Web Directories

You guys have well known about directory submission and its importance on Search engine optimization. One of the most important tactic of off-page optimization is directory submission. There are thousands of free directories exist in th net and most of us prefer free submission than paid directories.

Free directories get lot of links for approval everyday. The moderators of the free directory have some set of rules which have to be assuaged by our site. If our site will need to be placed on free directory list means our site should be qualified one for their quality needs. Most of our submission get eliminated due to some specific reasons.

Here in this blog, I just wanna notify some useful tips which will be useful for your free directory submissions.

Factors to be considered for Free directory submission

Title of the site

Title of the site should not contain too many punctuational marks, and keywords. If your site has too many keywords on title, it will be definitely rejected by directory moderator.


Description portion should be in clear format and it simply mention what is your site about. You should not include any sales related promotional statements.


Be aware of selecting category for your site. If you select unrelated category for your site that will cause your site to face elimination. If you really could not able to find related category to your site, simply put your site on OTHERS or MISCELLANEOUS section.

Email Id

If you are using g-mail or yahoo ids for submission, you will get lower approval rate. Try to use your official ids. It will much effect on your site approval.

Affiliate links and Ad sense

If you have lots of affiliate links and ad sense in your site, it is much difficult for your site to get approval from the moderators.

PR rank

Unfortunately, some site moderators accept only the site which has PR rank 2 and above. Because they don't to sacrifice their site quality by approving such a N/A sites.

Hope this information will be much useful for your free directory submissions. Make use of the tips and get approve by the directory moderators.


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