Google Stops Censoring in China | China lost Google Services

The long war between Google and China comes to end today, by stopping Google search services on China. Today is a really bad day for Chinese people and their government. Google, The famous search engine stopped censoring search results on and now the domain will be redirected to

If you are trying to visit china domain of Google, it will simply redirected to honk-kong domain. So no one can get search web or image results from .cn Google domain. Before some days, Google had the issue that it was not obeying Chinese laws and government and Chinese government says, that Google would face consequence for this if it had been continued.

Due to Google decision, the online business and Internet marketing will going to face lose drastically. Definitely Google act on china will gonna make plenty of negative changes on online marketing. But Chinese Embassy on Washington, officials said Google's decisions would not change the market or financial status of china.

The true reason of give up the Google china domain is, that Google cant able to get work with freedom on China due to China's Law. What ever may be, Definitely, it will gonna be a great lose for china and the people who often get into


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