10 Best practices for blogger Relations

Relationships matter in all aspects, of course including blogging.  Everyday we are visiting at least 10 to 15 blogs, but some rare blogs or blogger will attract as by means of contents, images and so on.  We want to keep good relationship with that blogger and its simple. I would like to suggest some best practices for blogger relations. Hope this practices will help you to make strong and friendly relationship with co-bloggers.
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Lets see the practices one by one:

1.   Do visit the blog which you like, regularly and post your thoughts as a valid comments. It will create good impact about you to the blog owner. Do use your original name and photo while posting comments.

2.   Do practice to share the blog link which you love on social media like facebook and twitter. They will come to know you via ping back.

3.   Do not forget to participate the contests if any will be conducted by the blog owner which is on your daily read list.

4.   Give volunteer suggestion to the blog owners regarding their blog posts, designs, traffic and so on. It will let them know how caring you are on their blogs.

5.   If you have any free coupon or limited invitation based sign up , then don't forget to recommend them, if you think that they deserve it.

6.   You should be on their friends list on all social networking sites like face book, twitter, myspace and so on. It helps you to know more personal things about them.

7.   Try to share guest blogging between your blog and the blog you love.

8.   If it is possible, try to get personal mobile numbers of the blogger you like and talk to them lively via phone. It is the great platform to express and share your thoughts on blogging.

9.   If you find a bloggers on your regional area, arrange a meet at least once in a month. It will make better relationship between bloggers.

10.  Do share your commentators emails ids, for better email marketing. It is like exchanging the visitor of both blogs by sending them a blog publishing email.

Share your Ideas: I just shared some of the ways to get good relationship with co-bloggers. You guys can share your thoughts and ways to make it good.