Newbies ! Don't Let your blog to fall down...

Some bloggers are more talented about how to write the blog, how to present the blog to loyal readers and how to promote it. Those bloggers will never let their blog traffic go down. Some bloggers, especially newbies certainly let their blogs to fall down in traffic even though they are good in  blogging.  I just want to mention some of the blogging mistakes of newbies here.

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 No Conscious on Title:

Title of the blog is more important than the body of the blog. Title can only grab the visitors to click through your links. In general, newbies are not having title conscious that, they have their own title which is not fit to the post.

Change over the Blogging Niche :

Newbies will get confused after posted some of the blogs on their niche. They will have started writing on another niche  that will definitely irritate the regular readers.

Missing images to blog:

Images on blog will add spices to it.  Newbies never mine about image. Sometimes a nice image will let our reader to stay on our blog.  Have to stop adding irrelevant images which will change the  message you wanted to convey through your blog. In this section, I just wanted to show an example blog, “ Fran Tips “ by Fran Aslam. Fran Aslam is a great writer and she is an expert author of ezine article. Till now she dint add any images to her blog. If she will add apt images to her blog, it will more pleasant to reader. ( Hope she will do after reading this )

Not having Social Relation:

Blogger should have good relation with other blogger to get better exposure to their blog. But newbies are not caring about other blogger. That is not fair one.

No response to commentators:

Generally new blogger will not respond to their blog comments. This not not fair, we should reply to comment. Because commentators have spent their precious time to post comments on our blog and our reply will make them  happy. It is one of the way to improve our relationship with other bloggers.

Knowledge of SEO:

Writing blogs alone not only provide us the traffic. Newbies have to know about the basic Search engine optimization techniques (SEO) which will help them to get traffic. Newbies have to know about basic link building techniques, Keyword research,  and  blog directories.

Over to Readers:

Here I have mentioned some of the mistakes committed by newbies. You can list out more if yo know.